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Kumamoto Gakuen Earthquake Recovery Assistance Fund

Many of the students, faculty and staff of Kumamoto Gakuen have suffered greatly as a result of the recent earthquakes.  In addition, several facilities on our campus have been damaged and will require major repairs and reinforcements before they can be used again.  Nonetheless, we have been happy to make buildings that were deemed to be safe available and to provide assistance to members of the local community, particularly persons with handicaps, requiring shelter and other services.


We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the many graduates, universities, businesses, organizations and individuals who have expressed concern and provided assistance to us since the earthquakes first struck.  In response to many inquiries about donations, we have established an account to accept contributions that will help us meet the costs of recovery.


  1. Purpose

Contributions to the fund will be used to help our university students, junior high and high school students, and children attending our kindergarten to continue their educations successfully and to repair facilities on our campus in order to regain the educational and research capacities lost in the disaster.



  1. Procedures

(a) E-mail

Contributors are requested to send us an e-mail message containing their name (or organization name), address, country, telephone number and an indication of the amount that has been or is to be sent. Please address such e-mail messages and/or inquiries about contributions to keiri@kumagaku.ac.jp. After receiving the contribution, we will send a receipt to the address specified in the e-mail.


(b) Account

Please send funds to the following account:


Account holder address:  2-5-1 OE, CHUO-KU, KUMAMOTO-SHI 862-8680 JAPAN

Account number:  675-1429965 (branch #-account #)

Bank name:  MIZUHO BANK, LTD.


Branch address:  3-8 HANABATA-CHO, CHUO-KU, KUMAMOTO-SHI 860-0806 JAPAN

Swift code:  MHCBJPJT


(c) Tax deductibility

For information on how to have contributions deducted from Japanese tax, please feel free to contact us at keiri@kumagaku.ac.jp.


  1. Usage Reports

We will post information on our web site about how contributions have been used.