KGU International Residence

The Kumamoto Gakuen University International Residence was established in early 1998, both to provide accommodations to international students studying at Kumamoto Gakuen University and to promote international understanding through getting to know other international students at KGU. It is located in a residential district only a 5 minute walk from the university.

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  • Enrollment of International Students at KGU

      Under-graduate Research Graduate Exchange Total
    Canada       2 2
    China 33   7 7 47
    Korea     1 4 5
    Peru   1     1
    Poland       1 1
    Taiwan     1 1 2
    Thailand       1 1
    USA       1 1
    Vietnam       1 1
    Total 33 1 9 18 61

    ※ as of October 1, 2014

KGU welcomes international students, realizing the benefits that international students bring by promoting mutual understanding and providing a variety of experiences to our university.
KGU opened its doors to international students of Kumamoto descent under a program sponsored by Kumamoto Prefecture in 1962.
With the opening of the Japanese education system in 1981, the university allowed self-financed international students to come as research students, that is, students studying under the guidance of one professor for one academic year. The success of this program led the university, in 1983, to allow international students to pursue degrees at KGU.
KGU offers a tuition exemption of 50% designed to reduce the financial burden on international students in order to allow them to concentrate on their studies. To be eligible for this exemption, an individual must have a college student visa, and be admitted to the university as an undergraduate or graduate student.

  • Equipment and Facilities

    1st floor : Administration Office, Kitchen, Computer Room, Lobby, Meeting Room, and Japanese-style Room
    2nd floor : Laundry Room, 8 accommodation rooms
    3rd floor : 12 accommodation rooms
    4th floor : 12 accommodation rooms
  • Rent

    The rent for a room is 26,000 yen a month (subject to change), including the charges for electricity, water, and a basic charge for telephone.

  • Accommodation Rooms

    Each room is furnished with a bed, desk, closet, bookshelf, and an air conditioner. The bedding, including a quilt, blanket, pillow, pillow case, and sheets are provided free of charge by the university. There is also a common living room for every 3 students and equipped with a small kitchen, refrigerator, and a television.

  • NOTE

    The air conditioners in private bedrooms and dryers in the Laundry Room are coin-operated.
    In order to be admitted to a study program in KGU beginning at April 2015, the application deadlines were as follows at respective offices in charge.

■ Undergraduate Student
DEADLINE: December 5, 2015
CONTACT: Admission's Office
■ Undergraduate Research Student
DEADLINE: September 7, 2014
CONTACT: Registrar's Office
■ Graduate Student
Fall DEADLINE: August 29, 2014
Spring DEADLINE: January 23, 2015
CONTACT: Office of Graduate Studies