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Chaturaphon Limkun

Kensey Phillips

from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada

Choosing KGU as my exchange school was the best move to further my educa-tion I could have made.The class sizes are small and dorm members come from many different countries so it is a great place to really become good at Japanese. The staff at KGU are beyond kind and accommodating and made my stay in Kumamoto the best time of my life.The local culture and the people are fantastic and unique, even within Japan. I also had the chance to join the modern folk club which was an amaz-ing experience.Kumamoto is like my second home.I hope it becomes yours too!

Hoang Thanh Huyen

Jin Zhao

from Beijing International Studies University, Beijing, China

I’ll never regret choosing KGU to study in. There are lots of interesting activities prepared for us international students. As for lessons, I can not only take the lessons for international students, but also choose whatever lessons I’d like to take without the limitation of grade and major. Teachers are very kind and they always make the class interesting and enjoyable. Besides, we have some “big”friends - the staff in the International Office, who always very friendly and helpful. Thanks to them, my life as an exchange student became very fulfilling and colorful. What’s more, the life in the KGU international dorm is very excellent and I enjoyed it.

Cao Qinyu

Dyonne Johnson

from the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK

It was always a dream of mine to study and have the opportunity to live in Kyushu and when I heard about Kuma-moto I knew that is was the place for me. Not only are you surrounded by the amazing staff that KGU has to offer, but you are offered an overwhelming amount of chances to embrace Japanese culture. Joining a club, attending a coming of age ceremony, and participating in a seasonal festival, are just a few examples of what you are able to experience in Kumamoto.

Alnord Warnke

Alnord Warnke

from Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf, Germany

Kumamoto isn’t as big as Tokyo, lively as Osaka or fancy as Kyoto, but it is a city worthy to be mentioned amongst these famous cities. The reasons are plenty- the nice and very friendly people of Kumamoto, lots of places for sightsee-ing in Kyusyu, the beautiful nature and the Onsens.
Studying abroad at Kumamoto Gakuen University means getting supported very well by the International Office, having the opportunity to take part of many fun trips and cultural events, having very dedicated Japanese teachers and meeting Japanese students, who want to get to know you.

Sapiano, Julian

Sapiano, Julian

from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

Being on exchange at Kumamoto Gakuen University has been the most rewarding, enriching and satisfying experience of my life. Living in the KGU International Residence and partaking in a variety of courses allowed me to make friends and converse in Japanese with not only native Japanese speakers, but people representing a myriad of countries around the globe. Through the exchange program I have been offered countless opportunities and have formed innumerable memories that will undoubtedly be cherished for a lifetime. What's more is that studying in Kumamoto has drastically altered my perspective on what Japan is and can be. An infinitely surprising and densely packed city of convenience, filled with amazing people and surrounded with serene mountains, rivers, islands and inlets; a perfect balance between humanity's ingenuity and nature's bountiful gifts. Honestly an ideal place to study Japanese. I couldn't be more thrilled.

Hsieh Chia-Jung

Hsieh Chia-Jung

from Kun Shan University, Tainan, Taiwan

I enjoyed my life as an exchange student at Kumamoto Gakuen University very much. The Japanese learning environ-ment here is very good for exchange students. We learned Japanese in small classes. In addition to Japanese classes, we could also experience Japanese culture (Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese dance, how to wear kimono ....) which enriched our experience very much. And living in the KGU International Residence with people from different countries, we learned Japanese together, helped each other, and talked with each other just like a big family. And when I had problems I always got help from the teachers that work in the International Office.
The people in KGU are very friendly and kind. So if you will go to Japan to study Japanese I recommend you to go to Kumamoto Gakuen University. It is the best choice.