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Kumamoto City

Kumamoto Gakuen University is located in the heart of Kumamoto City,the capital of Kumamoto Prefecture,in the middle of Kyushu.In April 2012,Kumamoto City became an ordinance-designated city.With the opening of the new Kyushu Shinkansen(bullet train)line,Fukuoka,the largest city in Kyushu,is even more accessible.Kumamoto is ninety-five minutes away from Tokyo by airplane(1,072km),and is eighty-five minutes from Seoul in Korea(631km).

As the fifteenth largest prefecture in Japan,Kumamoto Prefecture covers approximately 7,400 square kilometers.The land mass is seven times that of Hong Kong and about half Of Northern lreland.Seventy percent of the land is forested.Gently rolling hills can be found in the norlth,while to the east and the south are mountainous areas that reach heights of 1,000 meters.Deep valleys are found in every area that afford views of breathtaking beauty.To the west is the Ariake and the Yatsushiro seas linked to the open Sea,the East China Sea.Kumamoto has two national parks,Aso Kuju National Park that includes the magnificent Aso voIcano which boasts the best caldera in the world,and Unzen Amakusa National Park,that is made up of 120 islands,both large and small.
Kumamoto has an abundance of beautiful landscapes.


■ for Kumamoto Prefecture
Area: 7,404.89㎢
■ for Kumamoto City
Area: 390.32㎢
■ AverageTemperaturein:
January (Winter) : 6 ℃ (42°F)
April (Spring) : 17 ℃ (62°F)
August (Summer) : 29 ℃ (84°F)
October (Autumn ): 19 ℃ (66°F)

※as of Apr 2022

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Lively City

Mizuakari Lantern Festival

  • Kumamoto people are warm-hearted and friendly.
  • Enjoy city life in a vibrant city with its shopping arcades, restaurants and cafes to meet friends, relax and have fun.
  • Kumamoto offers a variety of local festivals you can participate in, such as the Hinokuni Matsuri, Fujisaki Hachimangū autumn example festival or the Mizuakari Lantern Festival.

History and Culture

Kumamoto Castle

  • Kumamoto Castle is considered one of Japan's three premier castles and has a history of more than 400 years.
  • Suizenji Park is a historical Japanese garden built by the Hosokawa clan.
  • The city has many cultural facilities such as the Contemporary Art Museum, the Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum and the Kumamoto City Museum.



Mount Aso

  • Kumamoto City is surrounded by pure and rich nature, giving you many opportunities for outdoor activities.
  • Mount Aso, a large active volcano featuring one of the largest calderas in the world, can be reached within an hour.
  • The sea at Amakusa provides ideal opportunities for water sports or watching wildlife.
  • Kumamoto City's drinking water is 100% natural groundwater.

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■ From Fukuoka Ajrport
Take highway bus”Hinokuni”to Kumamoto Kotsu Center.
(Time: 2hours,Cost: 2060yen)
Take subway to Hakata JR station(Time: 5min.,Cost: 260yen), and to Kumamoto JR station by Kyushu Shinkansen.
■ From Kumamoto Airport
Take Limousine Bus to Sakuramachi Bus Terminal.
(Time: 45min.,Cost:730yen)