Faculty of Economics

Learn specialized skills and knowledge to face the economic problems in Japan and throughout the world.


Department of Commerce

Students learn how to analyze the most delicate economic changes in society. This program emphasizes education that anticipates the needs of our times. Economics students are provided with a sound knowledge of economic theory and skills in information processing.

Department of Commerce

Matters related to economic relations between countries are the subject of study in this program. The comprehensive curriculum of International Economics provides the students with a highly specialized knowledge of economics and excellent language ability in order to play an active role in international business in a new era.

Department of Commerce

Legal Economics students study the intersection of law and the economy. Skill in thinking in terms of both economics and law provides students with the ability to be decisive in the future in business as well as in local communities.


  Students Faculty
Economics 954 21
International Economics 49 10
Legal Economics 465 11
Total 1,468 42

※ as of May 2016