Graduate School of Commerce

We aim at the development of highly qualified specialists who possess a broad-minded vision that meets the demands of a rapidly changing business world.



Master's Program

This program is divided into two courses: one focusing on distribution and marketing, and the other on finance and accountancy.
Master’s students gain the specialized knowledge needed to respond to demands posed by diversification in regional economic development and business administration.

Doctoral Program

The doctoral program is divided into two fields: one focusing on distribution and marketing, and the other on finance and accountancy. Today, waves of globalization are ever stronger, and specialists with an international point of view are required. Therefore, this field of research requires constant surveillance and consideration of changing world trends from various angles for a broader global understanding. The program aims at developing human resources with superior research skills who can take leading roles in companies and communities.


Master's Program

Good management is indispensable for companies and organizations. Grounded in practical experience, theory and history, master’s students gain the latest knowledge concerning business administration, ready to be put into practice. The Master’s Program in Management with its 16-year history provides business people with skills relevant to their careers.

Doctoral Program

In the 21st century, as corporate social responsibility grows in importance, issues concerning business administration are increasing. Today, world problems such as global warming are closely related to local business administration, and management can provide solutions by combining human, material, financial and informational resources. Since its accreditation in 2000 as the first doctoral program at KGU, this program has awarded many doctoral degrees to advanced scholars.


  Master's Program Doctoral Program
Commerce 5 7
Management 1 0
Total 6 7

※ as of May 2016