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Chaturaphon Limkun

Graham Aikens

from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

KGU is a fantastic university to study at, especially if your main focus is learning Japanese. If Japanese isn’t what you’re studying then KGU is still an amazing choice for a university to consider studying at. The staff at the international office are amazing. They are among the friendliest, most helpful people I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with; they alone make coming to KGU worth it. The teachers you’ll have are also top notch. They are all very helpful, understanding, patient, and funny! They make learning fun and enjoyable.

Since it is equally as amazing, I need to mention Kumamoto City itself. It’s fantastic! I come from Halifax, Nova Scotia, which has a population of about 400,000 people. Kumamoto is probably the most comparable city I know of in terms of area, livability, and people. You just can’t go wrong with both KGU and Kumamoto City!

Hoang Thanh Huyen

Mark Dragwidge

from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Kumamoto Gakuen University is one of the best environments to study Japanese in Japan. Class sizes are small, which means a more personalised learning experience and greater support from the teaching staff. Language classes are taught completely in Japanese and allowed me to make friends and learn alongside students not just from other English-speaking countries, but from all over the world. I found I had more opportunities to practice my language skills compared to friends who studied at larger universities who only had English-speaking friends. There are also culture classes designed for exchange students to experience authentic Japanese culture, travel and make friends! I can’t forget all the help and support the KGU International Office provided me; they were always there to answer any questions, have a laugh with and treated me like family. I highly recommend studying here if you can!

Cao Qinyu

Zhou Lyuxuan

from Beijing International Studies University, Beijing, China

I really enjoyed the time that I spent in KGU. People here are very kind and friendly. I always got a lot of help from the staff working in the International Office. I also made many nice Japanese friends, so I seldom felt lonely. There are special classes for us exchange students. And we cannot only learn the Japanese language but also experience Japanese culture (like tea ceremony, Japanese traditional dance and other things) in the classes. Because of that, you will never feel bored going to the classes. The most interesting thing I think is living in the KGU International Residence. About 20 people from different countries live together. We prepare surprises for people’s birthdays, we watch films together, we talk with each other until late and we always help each other, just like a big family. If you are going to study in Japan, KGU will be a great choice.

Rory Hudson

John Esparza

from the University of the Incarnate Word of San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Studying at Kumamoto Gakuen University was one of the best decisions I ever made. When I first arrived, I was very scared, and my Japanese was poor. It took some time to adjust, but after a while, I felt relaxed. I joined a few clubs, made amazing friends, and the staff was always there to give me help and support. My confidence grew, and my Japanese improved dramatically. I was able to get to know some of the Japanese students and establish connections that I hope will last a lifetime. The city itself is beautiful and bigger than I thought. Despite spending an entire year in Kumamoto, I still feel there is so much I haven’t seen. If I could, I would study at KGU once again. Thank you to everyone who made my study abroad experience the greatest experience ever. I will never forget the time I spent in Kumamoto, and I will cherish those memories forever.

Gina Whitehead

Nayamai Rukkiatwong

from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

I am very thankful to get a chance to study at KGU, as it was a turning point of my life and helped me grow up a lot. At KGU, I managed not only to improve my Japanese but I was also be able to learn how to live with people from different cultures. During my one year at KGU, I was able to live a wonderful life thanks to the staff at the international office who are friendly and always willing to help you with a smile. Kumamoto City itself might not be as big and fancy as Tokyo or Osaka but it is very lively and easy to live in. For those who are hesitant to come to KGU, I can assure you that studying at KGU will be one of the best years of your life!

Nguyen Thi Huyen

Nguyen Thi Huyen

from Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam

Before coming to Kumamoto, Japan in my mind was luxurious Tokyo with sky buildings and busy people. However, everything was quite different. Kumamoto City was peaceful and at first I thought it was a bit boring but after 2 months I came to like it. The local people were also warm and friendly. They were willing to help me whenever I had troubles.

It was only one year but it gave me invaluable experiences. So I recommend that everyone who has a chance to come to Japan to visit Kumamoto! You can have beautiful memories and amazing experiences.