Master's Programs International Students

Master's Programs International Students

Applications for April 2024 Enrollment

Application Materials

Persons who would like to receive copies of Kumamoto Gakuen University's Graduate Prospectus (Japanese), Graduate Admission Handbook (Japanese) and Application Form (Japanese), can send a request from the following page:


The following link may be used to download a pdf version of our Graduate Admission Handbook (Japanese)
▶ Economics and Commerce
▶ Area-based Cultural Studies and Social Welfare

Student Capacity

Graduate School Field of Study No. of students accepted
Economics and Commerce Economics and Commerce 4 students
Area-based Cultural Studies Area-based Cultural Studies 5 students
Social Welfare Social Welfare 5 students
Social Welfare and Environment 5 students


  Examination in September Examination in Novemver Examination in February
Application Period Aug. 28 - Sep. 4, 2023 Oct. 12 - Oct. 19, 2023 Jan. 11 - Jan. 18, 2024
(Applications must be received by the final date.)
Examination Date Sep. 24, 2023 Nov. 12, 2023 Feb. 11, 2024
Examination Place
Kumamoto Gakuen University
Announcement of Results Sep. 29, 2023 Nov. 17, 2023 Feb. 16, 2024
Deadline for Enrollment Procedures Oct. 13, 2023 Dec. 1, 2023 Mar. 1, 2024


Applicants who hold foreign nationality and fall under any of the following conditions are eligible.

  1. Applicants who have completed or are expected to complete 16 years of education abroad by March 2024.*
  2. Applicants who have completed or are expected to complete a curriculum, by March 2024, which is equivalent to 16 years of school education in Japan, 10 years of which were completed in school outside of Japan including 4 years of university education.
  3. Applicants who are recognized, on the basis of an individual eligibility examination conducted by the graduate school to which the candidate intends to apply, to possess academic ability that is equal to or exceeds that of a university graduate and who will turn 22 by March 31, 2024.

*In the case of a Chinese university, the applicants must have graduated or be expected to graduate from a "regular department".

Selection Method

  1. Specialized subject examination
  2. Interview
  3. Foreign language test (Graduate School of Area-based Cultural Studies only)*

*Those who intend to choose Japanese Culture as their field of study need to take a test on Japanese.

*Those who intend to choose East Asian Culture as their field of study need to take a test on either Chinese or Korean according to their specialized course.
*Those who intend to choose Western Culture as their field of study need to take a test on either English or Spanish according to their specialized course.

Entrance Examination Fee



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