Campus Life

Facilities and Services

  • Main Cafeteria

    Huge variety of dishes, including local specialties

    ※ Building No. 7, 1st Floor

  • Green-Campus Desk

    Broad range of services, such as accommodation service, travel insurance, application service for driving- schools, cellular phones, internet etc.

    ※ Student Union, 2nd Floor

  • Convenience-Store Lawson

    Wide range of goods, such as lunch-boxes, beverages, items for daily use, magazines etc.

    ※ Student Union, 1st Floor

  • Bookstore Maruzen

    Student discount on books, magazines, office supplies etc.

    ※ Building No. 12, 1st Floor

  • Office of International Education

    Our specialized staff offer advice and support to international students.

    ※ Building No.1 Mirai, 1st Floor