Student Support and Services

Student Support and Services

To enhance the student support system from a university-wide perspective in line with the student support policy, Kumamoto Gakuen University (KGU) has established the Inclusive Student Support Center in coordination with multiple service desks, including the Student Counseling Room, Support Office for Students with Disabilities, and the Nurse’s Office.

The Student Counseling Room, located on the first floor of the Building No. 4, provides consulting services for students with various issues and anxieties concerning academic work, careers, interpersonal relationships and health. Professional consultants will be available for consultation on Monday through Friday. Consultation through telephone and/or online is also available.

A healthy body is the basis of student life. Thus, KGU provides a regular health checkup for all continuing students in March before the new academic year begins in April. The Nurse’s Office also has full-time nurses to provide appropriate advice on student health management.

Insurance for injury accidents during educational and research activities is provided, including during classes, school events, extracurricular activities, and also during breaks between semesters when using school facilities. KGU also has a Student Mutual Aid Association to provide monetary assistance to those students experiencing unexpected accidents, physical disabilities, and who are hospitalized due to illness, or whose house was destroyed by fire.

For students who experience difficulties in continuing their studies without a part-time job, and to gain practical work experience, information regarding part-time jobs is provided. Information is posted on the bulletin board on the 1st floor of the Student Union, as well as on the web.

In addition, the following facilities on campus are provided:

  • Main Cafeteria
    Main Cafeteria
    Building No. 7, 1st floor
  • Bakery
    Building No. 12, 1st floor
  • Convenience Store LAWSON
    Lawson Convenience Store
    Student Union, 1st floor
  • Fair Trade Cafe
    Fair Trade Cafe
    Building No. 14, 2nd floor
  • Hairmake Amore
    Hairmake Amore Hair Salon
    Student Union, 2nd floor
  • Photo Shop HAMAYA
    Hamaya Photo Shop
    Student Union, 2nd floor
  • Bookstore MARUZEN
    Maruzen Bookstore
    Building No. 12, 1st floor
  • Service Desk of GREEN CAMPUS
    Student Union, 2nd floor
  • ATM
    ATM (Automated Teller Machines)
    Building No. 7, 1st floor

KGU also provides dormitories for those students whose hometowns are located in districts where it is difficult to commute to the university. In addition to the KGU International Residence, the following three dormitories are located within a 10 minute walking distance from the campus, all of which were relocated or newly established in 2004 to provide a comfortable living environment for students.