Faculty of Commerce

Faculty of Commerce

Gain fundamental knowledge in distribution, finance, business administration and accountancy required for a wide range of business tasks.
The Faculty of Commerce celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2024.

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Department of Commerce

In today’s global society, business transactions between companies and between consumers and companies are increasingly important. By focusing on the fields of distribution, information, management, finance and accountancy, students acquire practical skills to meet the needs of our rapidly changing times.

Department of Management

Students learn to develop business strategies to meet the changing business demands of companies and organizations affected by globalization. The curriculum emphasizes practical experience to provide students with professional skills in business administration.

(Department of Management ended student recruitment in 2017.)

Department of Hospitality Management

Omotenashi, meaning hospitality, and omoiyari, which can be translated as consideration, are two key words pertaining to hospitality in Japan. Hospitality Management students learn about interactive communication and mutual understanding, skills for which demand is sure to increase.

Number of Students and Faculty Members

Department Students (New Students) Faculty
Commerce 1,070 (241) 26
Management   3 (0) 1
Hospitality Management  325 (76) 8
Total 1,398 (317) 35

(as of May 1, 2023)