Club Activities

Club Activities

Getting involved in club activities is a great way to make friends and get to know life outside the classroom.
More than 50 clubs are available for those seeking participation in campus life, ranging from major activities such as tennis, basketball and orchestra to some that may be a little less common, such as mandolin, windsurfing and aikido.

Major Clubs at KGU

Athletic Clubs

Aikido / Archery / Badminton / Baseball / Basketball / Boating / Field Hockey / Ice Hockey / Handball / Judo / Karate / Kendo / Kyudo / Rugby / Soccer / Softball / Swimming / Table Tennis / Taekwondo / Tennis / Track and Field / Volleyball / Golf / Soft Tennis / Futsal

Cultural Activities

Art / Broadcasting / Chorus / Exploration / English Speaking Society / Flower Arrangement / Guitar / Journalism / Latin Music / Literary Arts / Mandolin / Modern Folk Music / Photography / Rock'n'roll / Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) / Sightseeing / Swing Music / Tea Ceremony / Traveling / Youth Hostel / Walking / Brass band

My irreplaceable experience

Do Ngoc Mai
(2023-2024 Exchange Student from Vietnam National University, Vietnam)

I joined the archery club because of my aspiration for the beauty of archers I saw in Japanese anime and dramas. When I first entered the class,

archery was more difficult than I expected.

At first, I thought I would be able to draw a bow right away, but before that, I had to study the eight basic movements called “Shaho Hassetsu.” After that, I had to practice with a rubber bow and by using a makiwara. The language barrier made learning the terms for the movements in kyudo more difficult even though it is already difficult learning how to perform the movements. However, when I first saw everyone in the archery club working so hard, I knew I had to do my best as well, so I gave it my all. Also, thanks to the consideration, kindness, and easy-to-understand explanations and advice from the members of the archery club, my seniors, and the teachers, I was able to gradually grow and feel the joy of archery. When my arrow hit the target for the first time, I was so happy. Also, when all the arrows I shot hit, I was surrounded by happiness, and it was a truly unforgettable event. I was also fortunate enough to be able to participate in a competition, which was a unique experience. There was a lot to be gained. If I have a chance to come to Japan again, I would like to experience the beautiful world of kyudo again.