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Getting involved in club activities is a great way to make friends and get to know life outside the classroom.
Approximately 100 registered student clubs are available for those seeking participation in campus life, ranging from major activities such as tennis, basketball and orchestra to some that may be a little less common, such as mandolin, windsurfing and aikido.

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Kathryn Gabriel

"My Time in a KGU Club"

James Howard
(2013-2014 Exchange Student from the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire, U.K.)

When I came to KGU I decided that I wanted to meet as many new people, make as many new friends and, perhaps most importantly, speak as much Japanese as possible. And so, for those reasons, I resolved to join a club. When looking at what clubs were available, the Rock 'n' roll club (Rock Dōkōkai) caught my attention. I didn't know exactly what kind of club it would be but since music is an interest of mine, I decided to see what it was about... And I never looked back. It turned out to be a club for people who want to play music with like-minded individuals (in this case, those who like rock music). Various shows would be put on over the year and each time we'd form new bands and play different songs. Some required auditions, others were open to everyone in the club. Over the course of a year, I played three different gigs with four different bands (in one gig I actually performed twice). I don't listen to that much Japanese music so for three of the four times I played western music; singing once in Japanese. I didn't bring my guitar to Japan but I was able to borrow one from someone in the club.

Rock Dōkōkai is actually quite a big club with about 50 members altogether. But everyone was nothing but kind to me and I was able to make a lot of great friends and amazing memories. I would definitely recommend joining a club here. It'll be an experience you will never forget.